KCT Double Level 100cm Indoor Pet Cage or Hutch – Dark Grey


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Product Description

100cm Twin Layer Indoor Pet cage, a perfect choice to keep your furry friends safe.

The Double level home has deep plastic tray bases and large mesh tops. Each cage has a front access door as well as a large access door at the top, making access to the pet and cage easy. The top section clips in place and can be easily removed for cleaning or packing away.

A ramp is provided to allow your pets the freedom to go from the upper to the lower tier

Also included is a free hay/feed rack that attaches to the side of the cage.

The cage is suitable for small animals like bunnies, rodents, gerbils, and Guinea Pigs.

Overall 1000 x 540 x 920mm (WxDxH)
Tray Height: 180mm
Top Door Opening: 570mm x 350mm (WxH)
Side Door Opening: 225 x 210mm (WxH)
Distance Between Bars: 22mm
Ramp Opening: 265 x 185mm


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