May 24, 2017

Rabbit Runs

Providing your rabbit with plenty of opportunity to exercise – either outdoors or inside – is essential, but it’s even more important to keep your pet safe. Rabbit runs are designed to provide a safe environment for your rabbit to exercise in, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Here are some popular rabbit runs at the moment.

Rabbit Runs For Sale

Meadow Lodge The Parkland Rabbit Run 

There are two main types of outdoor rabbit run – those made from metal and those made from wood. The Meadow Lodge Parkland rabbit run is made using wood and mesh, providing a safe and secure environment for your pet. It can be used on both hard surfaces and grass, has a sturdy roof to keep out predator and hinged side panels. This is a good example of a solid, durable wooden rabbit run.

Giant Rabbit Run with roof (Recommended!)

Although regular sized runs are great for a bit of extra exercise away from rabbit hutches, large rabbit runs such as this Giant Rabbit Run with roof provide far more opportunity for your pet to enjoy itself. This design has a foot print of 7×4 ft, is two feet high and comes with a roof for protection. It can also fold flat for storage.

Trixie Hexagonal Outdoor Rabbit Enclosure 

Trixie rabbit runs are very popular, especially this hexagonal enclosure with a net. Metal rabbit runs tend to be cheaper than wooden alternatives, and this Trixie model provides good value for money. The net is essential for keeping out predators.

Rabbit Runs And Safety

You should be aware of the potential safety problems with both indoor and outdoor rabbit runs. While outdoor runs are easier to “rabbit proof” (i.e. there’s no concerns with wires or other dangerous items that your rabbit might chew) you need to be certain that the run is secure against any possible predator. This usually means cats and birds of prey. It’s also important for the rabbit to have an area in the outdoor rabbit run that’s shaded from the sun.

Unless you have other pets, indoor rabbit runs are safer when it comes to protecting your rabbit from other animals. It’s essential to ensure that the run is placed away from electrical wiring or anything else which may endanger your pet. If you’re buying second hand rabbit runs then