May 24, 2017

Rabbit Hutch and Run

If you want to give your rabbit as much chance as possible to exercise then buying a rabbit hutch and run is often a fantastic idea. The basic idea of these types of rabbit hutches is that the top level is a regular home, while the bottom level is a run for the rabbit to use as it wishes. A rabbit hutch and run combo is often more expensive than a standard run, but the added expense is usually worth it.

Rabbit Hutch and Runs for Sale

Pet Pads “The Cambridge” Rabbit Hutch And Run 

This is a relatively small model that’s perfect for dwarf rabbits or guinea pigs, but probably not suitable for a larger rabbit. It has a two section upper level, with an enclosed box for sleeping and a wire mesh opening on the other side. The ramp can be closed off at night using a trap door, and the cage comes with wind proof covers. According to the company this rabbit hutch and run for sale is made using top quality wood.

Meadow Lodge “The Grand Barn” Rabbit Hutch 

This is a large rabbit hutch and run that’s perfect for bigger pets. It comes with a hinged roof – making it easy to access the rabbit or to clean out the cage – and a ladder that’s designed to be non-slip. The roof of the run can be removed for cleaning, although it’s important to keep it in place when the rabbit is in it for security.

Natura Rabbit Hutch Plus Enclosure 

This is similar in design to “The Cambridge”, and has dimensions of 104x97x52 cm. It is manufactured using pinewood, has an openable top and a hatch that can be locked. The metal lattice is designed to be as strong as possible in order to ward off potential intruders.

Rabbit Shack Double Hutch With Run 

This model has dimensions of approximately 48.5x35x35.5 inches, and comes with a plastic tray in the hutch to make cleaning easier. The mesh is designed to be 1mm thick and sturdy to keep the rabbit safe.

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