May 24, 2017

Indoor Rabbit Hutch

An indoor rabbit hutch, more commonly known as an indoor rabbit cage, should be designed to provide efficient airflow, space and comfort to your pet. Most indoor rabbit hutches are built with a plastic base and metal bars, and these are by far the most popular choice amongst rabbit owners. An alternative type of indoor rabbit hutch has a clear plastic top, but this isn’t always recommended as the airflow into the cage can be poor. Here are some of the top indoor rabbit hutches available at the moment.

Rabbit Hutches For Sale

Ferplast Rabbit 100 

The Ferplast Rabbit 100 is one of the most popular types of indoor rabbit hutch available at the moment. It has a 100cm long design, with plastic bottom and metal wiring top. This allows a healthy and cooling airflow into the cage. This size of indoor rabbit cages should only house one standard size rabbit – any more than this would be too crowded. It’s essential to consider indoor rabbit cages for sale that’ll provide ample space for your pet.

Sky 100 Indoor Cage  

This cage has a two floor design which is great if you want to provide your pet with extra room and more to explore. It is only suitable for dwarf rabbits, however, as the cage isn’t spacious enough for a standard size rabbit. The Sky 100 Indoor cage also comes with a bottle and hay feeders.

Ferplast Casita 120 Indoor Rabbit Hutch  

This is a large, premium indoor rabbit cage for those who want the best for their bunny. It comes with a feeding house, high quality Italian design and a water bottle, along with doors on both the front and top. This is also a great cage for people who want a bit of extra style from their indoor rabbit hutch. Indoor rabbit cage 120cm designs are amongst the largest on the market at the moment.

Trixie Indoor Metal Enclosure  

The Trixie Indoor Metal Enclosure isn’t meant to house your rabbit at all times, but instead provide an extra area you can put your pet for variety and exercise. The difference between the indoor and outdoor enclosures is the size and the lack of cover (which isn’t needed if the rabbit is indoors).

There are a range of other types of indoor rabbit hutch for sale. Most designs are similar, with the variations being in the size and materials used. As a general rule, bigger rabbit hutches are better for any sort of rabbit. Also, try to avoid any sort of wire flooring as this can hurt the rabbit’s feet (see guide here).

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