May 24, 2017

Double Rabbit Hutch

Depending on the sex and personality of the rabbits you buy, it’s not always a good idea to keep your pets in the same cage! This is why the double rabbit hutch is sometimes required.  A double rabbit hutch is exactly as it sounds – two rabbit hutches in one (often stacked on top of each other). This allows you to keep the pets separate while at the same time saving space. Double rabbit hutches shouldn’t be confused with double decker rabbit hutches which are a single hutch with two floors.

Double Rabbit Hutches For Sale

“The Heritage” Double Stacked Rabbit Hutch

“The Heritage” is a great option for pets that just can’t be kept together. It has plastic floors which are removable in order to make cleaning easy, along with a predator resistant mesh on the front and sides. It is made using high quality wood, with a slanted, felted roof. This is an example of a true double rabbit hutch for sale.

Finding cheap double rabbit hutches isn’t always easy, so it’s a good idea to shop around. Second hand rabbit hutches are sometimes available from online auction sites or in local newspapers, but it’s essential to find out the hutch condition before you commit to buying. Make sure you check the delivery cost if buying online as rabbit hutches can be heavy and expensive to transport.

Can Rabbits Be Kept Together

Rabbits are, in general, social animals so it can sometimes be a good idea to provide your pet with some company. This is especially important if the rabbit is going to be kept outside or if you’re not at home for most of the day. Male rabbits, known as bucks, will often fight when they become sexually mature, however, unless they have been neutered. Female rabbits can live happily together as long as they are introduced from a young age. It goes without saying that male and female rabbits should not be kept together. Even if you’re planning on breeding your rabbit it’s important to keep the buck and doe apart aside from short mating periods, otherwise the pair will constantly breed.

Some pet owners keep rabbits in the same cages and guinea pigs, but this is usually not a good idea. While rabbits can get on “OK” with guinea pigs, their powerful back legs can easily accidentally injure the guinea pig – sometimes seriously. Guinea pigs also have a different way of communicating and need to be fed different food. If you wish to keep both types of animal then a double rabbit hutch may be a good solution.

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