May 24, 2017

Double Decker Rabbit Hutch (41″)

This 41” Double Decker Rabbit hutch (that’s also suitable for guinea pigs) is a popular model amongst rabbit owners. It has a simple design that’ll fit into the corner of your garden, with enough space for the day to day living of your bunny as long as you give it plenty of exercise in the garden or home (after rabbit-proofing both of course!).


Here are the main features of this rabbit hutch:

  • The wire is designed to be heavy duty to stop danger to the rabbit from other animals.
  • The roof has a hinged opening making it easy for you to access your rabbit or clean out the hutch.
  • The solid flooring is 12mm thick and black painted to make it as easy as possible to clean.
  • There are two wire doors on the bottom level and two wooden ones on the top to provide even more access to your rabbit.
  • It is a 3ft hutch with an actual living space of 36”. The design includes a sheltered compartment to make sure your rabbit is comfortable during bad weather.
  • The bottom of the hutch is open, making it perfect for placement on grass.
  • The dimensions of the hutch are 41”x 20” x 36”

Overall the Double Decker Rabbit Hutch is a good choice for those looking for a cheap, inexpensive way to provide their rabbit with a reasonable amount of living space. You will need to make sure that the rabbit gets plenty of exercise too, however, as the hutch doesn’t come with a large built in run.




  1. Katie says:

    Very nice hutch, lovely design!

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