May 24, 2017

Rabbit Hutches

Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor rabbit hutches, our selection will blow you away! You can find a list of our top rabbit hutches for sale further down the page, or if you want to get more specific choose one a link from the “types of rabbit hutches” section.

Top Rabbit Hutches For Sale


Double Decker Rabbit Hutch (41″)

This is a basic outdoor rabbit hutch that provides your pet with two levels to explore. The bottom level has an open floor, and the hutch has two wooden doors on the top level and two wire doors on the bottom level. The 12mm floors are designed to be easy to clean, and the wiring is heavy duty to prevent any unwanted intruders!

The Manor Rabbit Hutch  

Meadow Lodge The Manor Rabbit Hutch
This has a similar design to the previous double decker rabbit hutch, but the bottom level is larger providing an inbuilt run for your rabbit. This entire section can be removed, however, if it doesn’t fit where you want it to. The mesh is secure and strong, and the ramp is designed to be easy for a rabbit to grip. You can also close the ramp.

XXL rabbit hutch  

XXL Wooden Rabbit Hutch

This is one of the more interesting rabbit hutches for sale at the moment. It’s described by the manufacturer as an “exclusive” two floor environment for you rabbit, with a completely wooden design, weather proof roof and a large two level size. Your rabbit will love you for getting this hutch!


Ferplast Rabbit 100

The Ferplast Rabbit 100 is a great beginners cage for an indoor rabbit. It has a strong and durable plastic base, bar design to increase ventilation and is capable of folding down for storage. It’s suitable for a single standard rabbit or potentially two smaller rabbits or guinea pigs. If you’re looking for an indoor rabbit cage then this may be a good start. There are also two level versions available if you wish to provide your rabbit with more room.


Trixie Hexagonal Outdoor Rabbit Enclosure (with net)

This isn’t a rabbit hutch, but instead a great way of providing exercise time for your rabbit in a safe environment. It’s made up of six wire panels that are easy to assemble, along with a lockable door and net for the top. It’s essential for any outdoor rabbit run to have a cover, otherwise your rabbit becomes an easy target for birds of prey and cats. A Trixie Natura rabbit home is also available for these outdoor enclosures.


Types Of Rabbit Hutches

Indoor Rabbit Hutch

Indoor rabbit hutches – also known as indoor rabbit cages – are designed to be well ventilated, spacious and easy to clean. Read about the various types of indoor rabbit hutches along with how to choose them. Make sure you plan to give your rabbit plenty of exercise time if it’s going to be kept indoors.

Rabbit Runs

Any responsible rabbit owner knows that their pet needs lots of exercise to stay healthy. Rabbit runs provide space for exercise in a safe environment.

Large Rabbit Hutches

All rabbits need a lot of space, but some need more space than others! Large rabbits need large rabbit hutches, which is why we dedicated a section of the site specifically to these types of hutches.

Rabbit Hutch And Run

If you want your rabbit to be able to exercise whenever he or she wants  then a rabbit hutch and run combination may be a good idea.

Double Rabbit Hutch

If you have more than one rabbit then a double rabbit hutch – with two separate enclosures, might be an effective way of saving space while still providing your pets with a reasonable living environment.

Tips For Choosing Rabbit Hutches

  • The size of a rabbit hutch is one of the most important factors. As a general rule, bigger cages are usually better for all rabbits. A large rabbit hutch is especially important if the rabbit is going to spend most of his time in it. Two story rabbit hutches are a great way to provide more space for your bunny without taking up an entire room.
  • An indoor rabbit cage is often made using a plastic bottom and metal barred top, while outdoor cages are usually made from wood. Make sure you buy rabbit hutches that are suitable for the location.
  • Try to avoid buying rabbit hutches with wire floors. These were originally designed to make cleaning the hutch easier, but can hurt the rabbit’s feet and cause sores. Most rabbits are relatively easy to litter train too.
  • If you’re good with DIY then building rabbit hutches can provide a custom solution that exactly matches your requirements. Make sure you understand the potential dangers associated with a rabbit hutch to the bunny before you start though.